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A Story of a Band Demo 1.0.2

ScreenShot of A Story of a Band Demo 1.0.2 by Hot Byte Games Start writing the story of your band today! Do you have what it takes to be a leader of a rock band? Are you able to form up a band that will become the most popular band of all times? THIS FREE DEMO VERSION ALLOWS YOU TO PLAY 2 YEARS FROM THE FULL VERSION A Story of a Band is a management game, where you can: - Choose your band members from 20 different characters with unique abilities - Unlock over 60 different skills - Buy over 40 different items - Choose from 14 different musical genres, with unique effects on your band - Improve your band's proficiency in 10 fields - Train and level up your band members - Plan and perform concert tours - Make albums with personalized style and theme - Fight against other bands - Perform publicity stunts to enhance your band's public image - Go to interview...
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3D Cube Race Demo 1.0.14

ScreenShot of 3D Cube Race Demo 1.0.14 by ESC Mobile UPDATE(10):26 JUNE * MUCH SMOOTHER NOW, please TRY! * Better performance & game play Fly through 3D cubes in the field! Seriously fun runner game! * This is a demo version * Online Hall of Fame! * Tilt control * Only 69K * COLORED cubes now! * Simple but fun graphs! PLEASE note that this game is updated on regular basis
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Air Hockey Demo 1.1.7

ScreenShot of Air Hockey Demo 1.1.7 by JJCgames This is a demo version of Air Hockey. It features the same smooth graphics, realistic physics and easy touchscreen controls as the full version, but only has one difficulty level/speed. The full game is on the Market now for $0.99 / £0.68 / 0,85 €
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defend homeland DEMO v0.0.4 0.0.4

ScreenShot of defend homeland DEMO v0.0.4 0.0.4 by ESC Mobile Real Time Strategy(RTS) game for Android. Demo version has first 3 missions. Select your nation and rank(difficulty),defeat red units to accomplish misiions. See Help menu for more details.
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Cogs Demo 1.0.14

ScreenShot of Cogs Demo 1.0.14 by Lazy 8 Studios Cogs is a ground-breaking puzzle game where players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. The free demo version includes just the first 8 puzzles. The full version comes with 50 puzzles and three gameplay modes for a total of 150 unique challenges, totalling more than 10 hours of mind-bending gameplay. This award-winning game is perfect for puzzle fans of any age and ability! ***If you receive a "graphics format not supported" error, please email us! If you are using Chainfire3D, please set it to support PVR or uninstall it to play Cogs Demo*** “It is awesome.” – TouchArcade "One of the highest quality puzzle games we've seen." – PocketGamer “The visual design and imagination of the game are stunning...
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AndCAD Demo 1.8.5

ScreenShot of AndCAD Demo 1.8.5 by Talon Designs LLP AndCAD is a full 2D CAD application for Android. Create and edit drawings directly on your mobile device. You can now take CAD anywhere you need to go! Key Features: True Vector Objects Object Snapping Direct Unit Input Full Layer Support Image Underlay AutoCAD® DXF Import/Export (beta) Landscape (WS) & Portrait Mode Tablet Support Geometric Objects: Line, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Polygon, PolyStar, Point, Text, Note, Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension Edit Tools: Free Edit Mode, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Break Upcoming Features: Additional Dimension Types Block/Symbol Support Trim Extend Mirror Offset Fillet Chamfer Demo Restrictions: Save/Export Disabled DXF Import limited to 100k file size. PNG output only saves a portion of the screen Otherwise everything works just as the paid...
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Nutiteq Maps SDK demo 1.2.1

ScreenShot of Nutiteq Maps SDK demo  1.2.1 by Nutiteq Demo application of Nutiteq Maps SDK. Demonstrates following features: * Different map sources: OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, Bing, Yahoo, Google * Offline maps (bundled data) * Raster map overlay (terrain hill-shading) * Routing with different services: YourNavigation, CloudMade * Geocoding with CloudMade * KML overlays: points, lines, areas, Panoramio images, live boat locations * GPS hybrid positioning API * Spatialite data viewing on map * More features coming ... App full source: Nutiteq SDK:
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Total Snooker Demo 1.2.6

ScreenShot of Total Snooker Demo 1.2.6 by Friendly Monster Demo for simply the best touchscreen snooker game in the world. Key Features: - Realistic snooker ball physics - 4 levels of difficulty to play against - Intuitive touch controls; apply spin and swerve with ease - True-to-life snooker tables - 11 unlockable alternate tables with which to play Demo features tutorial and play against easy computer opponent. Created by Giles Coope using LibGDX Audio by Tom Colvin for support email PLEASE EMAIL RATHER THAN JUST REPORTING ISSUES IN REVIEWS SO I CAN HELP. Recent changes: - ball guides now grey for ease of vision - minor crash fixes PLEASE EMAIL RATHER THAN JUST REPORTING ISSUES IN REVIEWS SO I CAN HELP.
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Archipelago Demo 1.0

ScreenShot of Archipelago Demo 1.0 by Second Gear Games Free demo of our addictive fast-paced real-time strategy game. Easy to learn, hard to master. Grow and deploy your forces to capture islands of a tropical archipelago. This demo is limited to a tutorial and one playable map. The full version has unlimited number of maps.
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Angry Bots Demo 1.3

ScreenShot of Angry Bots Demo  1.3 by Unity Technologies A/S Angry Bots Demo by Unity Technologies Recent changes: Angry Bots demo that comes with Unity 3.4.1 Latest version: 1.3 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)
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